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GEMx Forms Student Ambassador Network

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GEMx is excited to announce that it is forming a Student Ambassador Network (SAN) to provide new leadership opportunities to students of GEMx Partner Schools. Up to two students from each Partner School can participate. Student Ambassadors will have opportunities to build international friendships and broaden their perspectives on different cultures, as well as expand their knowledge of health care by engaging in a global dialogue with peers and faculty from around the world.

Individuals interested in becoming Student Ambassadors should have a strong interest in global educational exchange in medicine and the health professions. In addition, they must be in good academic standing at their schools, demonstrate leadership and effective communication skills, and welcome opportunities for cultural exchange and international collaboration.

GEMx Student Ambassadors are appointed for a term of two academic years. During that time, they will collaborate with GEMx staff and their fellow Ambassadors in the SAN to help grow and enhance the GEMx program at their schools by increasing awareness about GEMx and informing students about the benefits of taking an international elective through GEMx. In addition, each Ambassador will assist the GEMx Program Manager at his or her school and provide support to students participating in GEMx electives by sharing information about the school, the region, and the local culture.

GEMx is committed to providing Student Ambassadors with international recognition for the work they do through social media, video interviews, international symposia, and other platforms. Student Ambassadors may also qualify for a US$1,000 grant award to help defray the costs of travel when taking an elective exchange through GEMx.

For more information, please visit the Student Ambassador Network page, or e-mail