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GEMx Regional Exchanges

GEMx partners with regional networks in medicine and
the health professions to support and facilitate student

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Student Ambassador Network

New leadership opportunities for students of
GEMx Partner Schools!

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Conservation and Ecosystem Health Alliance (CEHA) Joins GEMx

Headquartered in Kampala, Uganda, CEHA offers GEMx students opportunities for short-term research placements, electives, and internships. Learn more.

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Partner Profiles

You can now learn more about our Partner Institutions!

Visit the Partners page and click on an institution's name to find out more about its:

• Elective Opportunities

• Language of Instruction

• And more!

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Become a GEMx Partner

GEMx is a global partnership that connects institutions around the

world to provide students in medicine and the health professions

with greater opportunities for educational exchange. Learn more.

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GEMx Partner Institutions

form a community that works to advance global exchange and provide high-quality elective opportunities for students in medicine and the health professions. Learn more.

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Last updated April 11, 2017.