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Student Overview

As an eligible student of a GEMxsm Partner Institution, GEMx provides you with the ability to explore international elective exchange opportunities in medicine and the health professions on-line and apply directly for those opportunities that fit your career goals and international interests. Through GEMx, you can access the information you need to make decisions about elective opportunities, including:

  • learning objectives
  • prerequisites
  • fees
  • language of instruction
  • housing information
  • information on student life
  • travel information

By using GEMx, you benefit from the many educational electives offered through GEMx and the convenience of applying for those electives through the GEMx system. GEMx is committed to providing accessible and affordable electives; therefore GEMx charges no fees to students. Please keep in mind that schools and other institutions may charge their own application and administrative fees which are payable directly to the school/institution.

To determine whether your school or institution participates in the GEMx Global Network, please see the GEMx Global Partners page.

To determine whether your school or institution participates in a GEMx Regional Network, see the following pages:

GEMx Africa
GEMx Latin America

To prepare for an elective, check out our Resources for Students.

Stay in Touch with GEMx

If your institution is not currently participating in GEMx but is interested in becoming a GEMx Partner, please have an appropriate representative at the institution contact GEMx staff for more information at

If you would like us to reach out directly to a representative of the institution, please fill out our Institution Contact Request form.

Last updated: November 3, 2020.