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Narayana Medical College

Nellore, India

Narayana Medical College

Narayan Medical College was Established in 2000
The annual intake is 250 MBBS, 123 post graduate and 18 super speciality students
Facilities available:
Central Research Facility with Experimental Lab.
Library with 20,000 books , 232 Journals, Skills Lab, 52 Nodes with Internet etc. Residential accommodation, Sports and Games facilities.

Innovative methods in Medical Teaching have been introduced at our College and the results are not by chance but by routine and are reproducible.
The uniqueness at Narayana Medical College is that the scaffolding is tightly integrated and has no loose knots. Also, all the stake holders like students, teachers, parents and administrators are working so closely so that there is no scope for chances.

The hospital has bed capacity of nearly 1560.
Cardio Thoracic Surgery, Cardiology, Neurology, Neuro Surgery, Genitourinary Surgery, Nephrology, Endocrinology, Plastic Surgery departments are fully functional in addition to the Broad Specialty departments.
There are 18 Major OTs
Central Clinical Laboratory with Clinical Pathology, Microbiology and Biochemistry functions round the clock.
Radio Diagnostics with 3 Tesla and 0.35 Tesla MRIs, 128 slices and Dual Slice CTs.
Cancer Screening Programme ASTHRA for Oral, Cervical and Breast in the Rural Health Training Centre.
School Health Programmes.
Village Adoption Programme.

To excel in value based Medial Education, Healthcare, Research and Technology of global standards enriched with quality, contributing to National Development.

To provide value based, student centric, Community oriented, flexible Medical Education with continuous evaluation.
To achieve, sustain and further enhance quality Medical Education providing access with thrust on equity, involving stake holders.
To offer ultra modern affordable Healthcare, integrating AYUSH system with access to rural people in congruence with all National Health Programmes to achieve the goal of “Health for ALL”.
To encourage innovative, collaborative basic research to benefit the community and enabling the industry to produce cost effective equipment and drugs.
To stimulate invention of indigenous technology and to promote technology transfer and optimal utilization of available contemporary technology for Teaching, Training, Healthcare and Research.

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