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Introducing Eunice Kamami, GEMx Co-Op

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Hi everyone! My name is Eunice Kamami and I am the GEMx Research Assistant Co-op. I’m currently in my fourth year at Drexel University where I am majoring in Global Studies and minoring in Communication and French. My interests in global health and international background are what really drew me to this position.


I was born in Kenya, moved to America when I was 7, moved back to Kenya for high school, moved to a different part of America for university, studied abroad in France for a year, and then did my previous co-op working with water, sanitation, and hygiene development in Kenya. So, I guess you could say I’ve had my fair share of international exchanges. Each move shaped my worldview and broadened my understanding of race, ethnicity, class, gender and culture. This is why I believe that international experiences can be so rewarding. They often teach importance of being flexible and open minded to people who may have different values, beliefs, or religions. In world that’s only becoming more and more globalized, these are characteristics that are essential for everyone, but especially for those in the medical field, which is why programs like GEMx are so important.

That being said, I’ve had enough complicated visa applications, lost luggage, stolen passports, homesickness and culture shock to know that international experiences can also be challenging. Moving to a different part of the world takes courage, the willingness to start anew and sometimes to be uncomfortable for a bit. Having a good support system in the process can change the outcome of experience. It’s for this reason in particular that I’m so excited to be working to be working with GEMx to help facilitate and support students on their international medical exchanges.

When I’m not getting excited about international programs and global health, you can find me making caramel macchiatos at Drexel where I work as a Starbucks barista. I love listening to podcasts and am always looking for a good recommendation. I also like trying new food or sticking to my favorite cuisine: Ethiopian. On weekends, I’m usually attending concerts, poetry slams, organizing, taking Sunday afternoon naps, trying new recipes, going dancing, or watching scary movies with my two wonderful roommates our cat Steven.


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