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GEMx Program Manager Spotlight: Claudia Elena Villegas Stellyes, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (Colombia)

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Photo of Claudia

 A spotlight on Claudia Elena Villegas Stellyes,  Curriculum Development Coordinator at GEMx Partner, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (Colombia)

What lead you to your current position of Curriculum Development Coordinator at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana? 
Since I was a medical student I was amazed about the possibility of share knowledge through out teaching. After I get my degree on medical school, I pursue a master´s degree on Education and Human Development. During my work on medical school and my postgraduate studies I had the opportunity to approach at areas such curriculum, teaching and learning methods and assesment. I wish to be part of projects and activities that could improve the process of learning and human development of my students and colleagues. Also work on medical education research and Internationalization.

Photo of Claudia's campus in Colombia

Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana

Tell us about yourself: For example, What is your background? Where are you originally from? What are your hobbies?
I´m from Medellín, Colombia. I studied at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana Medical School, where I work right now. Also I got my master´s degree on Education and Human Development in Universidad de Manizales – Cinde. I´ve worked as physician on general practice, and teacher, tutor and academic coordinator of clinical years on Medical School. Right now I´m an associated professor and Curricula Development Coordinator. I like to read, photograph, go to the movies, ear music, travel to know about different places and cultures, do some workouts, and share with my family and friends.

What is your favorite part about being a faculty member at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana?
Sharing knowledge and life experiences with my students and colleagues

Describe how GEMx international exchange students may benefit by going on an elective at your institution.
I believe that there are so many things that include, the warmth and solidarity of our students, the high quality of our teachers, the opportunity of practice and develop competences and skills through out both learning and doing and the richness of our culture.

Another photo of Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana's campus

Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana

How has the GEMx system helped you organize both incoming and outgoing students going on elective exchanges?
GEMx has helped in so many aspects, issues and ways. Always I’ve received a 100% of support of GEMx team. Every time I write, I get a quick answer and help.

What have you heard from your own students who have gone on a GEMx elective exchange?
That it´s an unique experience that helped them to grow not just as a professional, also as human being. The possibility of go to other places and learn about patients, peers, other educational and health systems and cultures is so worthy.

What is your favorite feature of the GEMx system?
It centralizes global experiences on medical education and provides unique opportunities for our students.

Would you recommend the GEMx program and its system to other schools and institutions in your region? 
Yes of course. I believe it’s so important and will help to promote integration and the growth of the networking. Also the development of projects related to medical education and cooperation between institutions.

To learn more about the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana Facultad de Medicina, please visit their GEMx partner profile page at and check out their electives in the GEMx system!


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