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About GEMx

GEMx is a global partnership for educational exchange in medicine and the health professions. GEMx partners with individual medical schools, health organizations, and training institutions around the world to form the GEMx Global Network, as well as with established regional networks in Africa and South East Asia. GEMx partners share a commitment to internationalizing medical and health professions education and to making international exchange an important part of their education programs. Together with its partners, GEMx works to advance international exchange and to provide the world’s future physicians and health care workers with increased access to international elective exchange opportunities―including clinical electives, research electives, and observerships.

GEMx Core Values

Partnership • Exchange of Knowledge • Affordability • Accessibility

GEMx Global Network

Through its Global Network, GEMx connects educational institutions in medicine and the health professions around the world to offer students enhanced opportunities for affordable educational exchange. The network was created to provide tomorrow’s physicians and health care workers with a greater international perspective to help them better meet patient needs in a world where health care is becoming increasingly globalized. The GEMx Global Network is open to individual medical schools, health care organizations, and training institutions worldwide. If your institution is looking to start an international exchange program, take its exchange program to the next level, or increase its international exposure, the GEMx Global Network offers the professional support and resources that you need. We invite you to join today.

For information on how joining the GEMx Global Network can benefit your institution, visit the Benefits of Membership page.

To view a complete list of institutions participating in the GEMx Global Network, visit the GEMx Global Partners page.

If you are interested in joining the GEMx Global Network, please contact

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GEMx Regional Networks

GEMx partners with established regional exchange networks in Africa and South East Asia to facilitate and promote student exchange among the health professions schools and institutions within those networks. Regional networks focus on improving health care for the patient populations within their regions through education, training, research, and capacity building. Of particular importance is their commitment to strengthening the health care workforce through student mobility in an effort to train the next generation of physicians and health professionals, who will ultimately serve within their regions. By partnering with established regional networks, GEMx is striving to support their educational efforts by making elective exchanges more affordable and accessible for their students.

Undergaduate Student Exchanges undergraduate student exchanges Postgraduate Student Exchanges postgraduate student exchanges

Click on the icon to the left of the map title to expand the sidebar. To view the location of a particular school on the map, click on its name. To view only the GEMx Global Partners or specific regional networks, select or deselect the appropriate check boxes in the sidebar. You can also simply click on a marker on the map itself to find out which institution is located there.

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A History of Commitment and Service

GEMx is a program of the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG®) and its foundation, the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER®), world leaders in promoting quality education in medicine and the health professions. ECFMG and FAIMER are private, nonprofit organizations that serve global communities of medical educators and regulators; physicians and medical students; and those investigating issues in medical education, assessment, and health workforce planning.

ECFMG/FAIMER strives to create meaningful and sustained improvements in the systems that produce health care providers and deliver health care throughout the world. Through GEMx, we are extending our commitment to those participating in global educational exchange in medicine and the health professions, and working to address the need for greater international health care training in an increasingly globalized world.

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Last updated: May 27, 2021.