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About GEMx

Click on the icon to the left of the map title to expand the sidebar. To view the location of a particular school on the map, click on its name. To view only the GEMx Global Partners or specific regional networks, select or deselect the appropriate check boxes in the sidebar. You can also simply click on a marker on the map itself to find out which institution is located there.

GEMx is a global partnership for educational exchange in medicine and the health professions. GEMx’s Partners are medical schools and other institutions around the world that share a commitment to making international exchange a part of their education programs and to providing students in medicine and the health professions with increased access to exchange opportunities. Whether your institution is looking to start an exchange program, take its exchange program to the next level, or increase its international exposure, the GEMx Partnership offers the professional support and resources that you need. We invite you to become a GEMx Partner today to help shape the future of education in medicine and the health professions, advance global educational exchange at your institution and around the world, and enjoy the many benefits that the GEMx Partnership can bring to your institution and your students.

Benefits of Membership

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  • Offer students expanded elective opportunities
  • Connect with colleagues of other Partners at exclusive GEMx events
  • Participate in research initiatives, such as assessing outcomes, quality of elective exchanges, and student mobility
  • Promote their institutions on the GEMx website and provide detailed information about their available electives, including requirements and any required forms
  • Verify the eligibility of their students who wish to undertake electives, based on the students’ academic progress
  • Receive and review incoming student applications on-line
  • Monitor incoming and outgoing student activities
  • Enjoy increased exposure for your institution and its elective offerings, and a streamlined, paperless process for both your staff and your students

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  • Access electives offered by other GEMx Partners—increasing the number, variety, and geographic distribution of electives they can consider
  • Review information on all available electives in a common format, which simplifies the process of researching and comparing elective opportunities
  • Apply to an unlimited number of elective placements using the GEMx paperless application process
  • Benefit from increased opportunities to participate in a global dialogue about student exchanges at international conferences

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A History of Commitment and Service

GEMx is a program of the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), a world leader in promoting quality health care. Through GEMx, ECFMG is extending its commitment to those participating in global educational exchange in medicine and the health professions, and is working to address the need for greater international health care training in an increasingly globalized world.

ECFMG has demonstrated its commitment to the international health professions education community through the establishment of its nonprofit foundation, the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER®), which strives to create meaningful and sustained improvements in the systems that produce health care providers and deliver health care throughout the world. By providing representation on the GEMx Advisory Committee and resources on global exchange, FAIMER now contributes its expertise and commitment to the advancement of international educational exchange in medicine and the health professions.

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Last updated: May 23, 2019.